Vehicle Power Cable Kit


Vehicle Power Cable Kit



  • 1ea, 25' 4AWG High Quality Marine Grade RED Cable
  • 1ea, 25' 4AWG High Quality Marine Grade BLACK Cable



  • Ships in 7-10 working days
  • Cables are terminated at one end with 5/16" Lug (for battery) and at other end with 175AMP Anderson Powerpole Connector (for winch)
  • NOTE: your battery may require different or additional connectors not included


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Kit contains more than enough cable for most vehicles. Shorter custom lengths of cable may be purchased at no additional cost. Please make a note of the total length of cable you require when you place your order.

You may also order this kit with cut cable (25') and loose lugs (2) so that you can shorten the cable as needed during vehicle installation and then attach the lugs yourself. Note: attaching lugs requires either the use of a soldering iron or a lug crimping tool.