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Speedwinch Capstan Winch Specifications - $1999.00:

(SERIES 3000) 

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Maximum Recommended Line Pull:
1600 Pounds (725kg) single line
3200 Pounds (1500kg) dual line with pulley

NOTE: Don't confuse this rating with how much weight (like your moose, elk or deer) the winch will pull along the ground . The maximum recommended line pull is how much weight the winch can lift off the ground. It is generally much easier to drag weight along the ground (even steep rough ground) than to lift it into the air.
WARNING: This winch is intended to pull loads across the ground. NEVER use this winch for lifting!

Maximum Line Speed:
30 feet per minute

 Motor Type:
Heavy-Duty high torque permanent magnet motor
4-Pole design for high current capability
Ball bearing construction for heavier load and long life capability
High efficiency design w/ rugged welded clip for magnet retention, not glued
Castings designed for maximum heat dissipation

 Speed Reducer:
Heavy duty hardened steel gears
Deep groove ball bearings
Double lip type shaft seals
Aluminum housing

72 Pounds, including foot switch

24.5" x 17" x 10.5"

 Electrical System:
Control system integrated into winch (no external switches or relays to mount in your vehicle)
Foot switch to control winch(detachable) - IP65 Rated (weatherproof)
The winch is easy to integrate into your vehicle’s power system using the optional Vehicle Power Cable Kit

 LED Task Light:
LED task light provides excellent illumination
Flexible gooseneck allows you to put light where you need it
Long life (~50,000 hours)


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Vehicle Power Cable Kit Specifications - $149.00:

(SOLD SEPARATELY FROM WINCH - You can use our kit or buy your own cable and connectors to connect your winch to your battery. If you choose to build your own cable assembly, everything you need is listed below and is readily available online.)

25foot each, #4 AWG 420 strand marine grade red and black battery cable (Usually about $2-$4/foot)
Anderson SB175 quick disconnect connectors one end (mates with winch) (Usually about $10-$12 each)
5/16" lugs, other end (connects to battery, note your battery may require different connectors not supplied) (Usually about $1-$3/ea)

NOTE: Also recommended is a Hammer Style Battery Lug Crimper.  These are available for between $10-$35 depending on the model selected and the vendor chosen.




Rope Specifications:

(AVAILABLE FROM RIGGING SUPPLY HOUSES - We recommend: LFS MARINE and OUTDOOR (online)! - Their price for 3/16" rope is about $0.50/foot)

3/16” Samson Amsteel Blue
12 Strand braided, Samthane coating, Dyneema® SK-75 fiber
Stronger than equivalent wire rope, yet it floats
Weighs only 1-lb/100feet (easy to carry when stringing line)
Average line strength: 5400 lbs
Elastic elongation at 30% of rated break strength: 0.96% (very low stretch)